Friday, 26 October 2012

Home Automation Systems: Integrate Home with smart solution

Home automation systems can make anyone’s life easier with hands-off control of nearly every light and appliance in your home. There are those of us, however, that may not feel comfortable installing and configuring a system without professional help. Control 4, a home automation retailer with over 1,600 dealers in the U.S. and Canada, has seen this need and filled the gap.Nowadays they are taking the market to the the growing nation India , Isn't that a cool???  Now, no matter your needs or where you are, these home automation professionals can fully integrate all of your home’s systems into a central interface. 

So, Lets have some Research about the product after all our home is just not home!!!

For a bit of background, Control 4 is a company that specializes in home automation systems and solutions. They have a large online presence but distribute their products and services through certified home integration professionals in third-party companies. A convenient “Where to Buy” tool on their homepage will help you locate a Control 4 dealer near you.

These Control 4 systems are very convenient and simple; the entire setup can be controlled remotely through a smartphone, or it can be controlled locally with an iPad or custom touchscreen panel.(What do you think tech geeks, I assume you all have a smartphone) The custom touchscreens provided by Control 4 can be portable, placed on a table or even mounted into a wall. If a touchscreen isn't your thing, they also offer a sleek remote control.

The strength behind Control4’s service is in their completely customizable home integration. A trained professional can be called in to retrofit your entire home, gadgets and all, into a controlled system that is managed at one central hub. If you’d rather install a few pieces to start with and increase the level of customization as funds or needs make themselves present, you can also elect to take that route. Control 4 provides individual items and entire systems through their dealers. However, the basic systems will need to be installed by a certified professional before you install any extra components yourself.

Another major selling point behind Control4’s breakthrough in home automation systems is their commitment to the community. The Control 4 system is open platform, meaning that any third-party developer can create software or hardware to integrate with their system. Now, Benefit for apple users Their “4Store” is roughly equivalent to Apple’s app store, providing free and paid apps developed by Control 4 as well as by independent developers.

The Control 4 home automation system offers a depth of customizability beyond many of the other home automation solutions we’ve seen. Their software includes all of the useful triggers, like sunset/sunrise timers and other situational conditions, as well as the ability to create individualized macros.

While the software is impressive and the cost is reasonable, the real strength of the Control4 home automation system is in its customizability. With an application store dedicated to their products and a completely open-source platform, this Control 4 system is adequately suited for every consumer’s needs.

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