Friday, 26 October 2012

        Hello Everyone !! Getting started with my first official blogging account for the people who wants to follow new  Technology and also want to update themselves with a new technology.

        For those who know me it's just a formal start you all know that :) and those who are new i had completed my graduation with B.E. Computer Science and i'm passionate about new technology and cars , cricket , food , little bit irresponsible for life what i'm not today and more responsible for what i'm today :) Loves to make new friends and at the most time hanging around with my close buddies till a midnight and enjoying the life at best way i can.

       I'm the one among the few art lover & humorous  people so sometimes even can blog about art and humorous activity and hoping some Technorati friends can also bring some art and humor too. 


        Just want to create a new bond with the technocratic people here at the same time want to review your views about technology and blogging is the best way we can connect :)

         In short Computer Engineer , Die-Hard @sachin_rt(sachin=God) Follower-Fan ,Fun Loving, Hardcore Cricket Fan,Car Lover,F1 Follower , Foodie,gamer, Techsavio

Regards ,

Harshit Gandhi  ヅ  

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